The Apprentice to the Universe

My whole Life is a real Adventure so I live it fully. I live a Life of Impact and I share my writings with the world, take time to read, you might learn something about yourself.


Life is a tricky mystery right? 😊☺️🕵️

Well, Live your life, say your mind, meditate and be Happy.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter

In 2018 when it all started, the goal was to simply share my personal works, my writings with the world. I wanted so bad to leave a trail behind as I impact people through my write-ups, pieces of Poetry, stories and thoughts.

But time has passed and we have become a team driven by passion. I’ve had the opportunity to meet incredible and passion driven people who have accepted to join me on this crusade.

With a pen, a phone and a computer, my team and I are ready to help the world evolve. We are so grateful to have amazing people like you following us and we hope our work makes some Impact in your lives.

We are on a perpetual growth process and we hope you enjoy the ride. Stay with us and let’s grow together.
We are Freedom Writers and we write to make an impact.

Please follow us and let’s ride together. 😊

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Founder.

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