He wrote a diary from his cell, reflections on his path.

Strawberry Letter

She wrote me a letter
With a strawberry signature
To tell me about our missed adventure.
She said on the road we could’ve met a lot of creatures
Those who have the same path and love to venture
Adding, it would have been a beautiful memory together.

I would have traveled the world with her,
Embracing the danger,
Living on the edge, embracing every little piece of happiness.
Unfortunately, life has a twisted way of making things happen.

By the time I got to the station,
She was already gone,
My girl, the one I so much wanted
To go with on a crazy adventure.

I thought she did it on purpose to avoid the moment
But later I was told my girl had been abducted
And when the cops finally saved the remaining of her life from her ravishers,
My girl they said had been raped for days.

No tear was enough to wash my pain away.
My condition grew worse when to my brother she said,
I cannot survive seeing him like this, I beg.
I won’t let him see me like this.

That’s how my girl left town on a gloomy afternoon
For a place I was not told.
Anger in me grew, the beast arising without my control.
When one of the ravishers I finally shot dead by the street,
The cops arrested me for premeditated homicide
Which I didn’t care much about.
They stated nobody should claim justice for themselves
Even when the right people in charge fail to do so.
That’s how the State justice sentenced me to twenty five years in detention.
When I am done, I will be fifty one with no apparent life in the name of love and justice.

Today, it’s been six years in this place of pain and regrets,
And yet, I vowed to keep my head up high no matter the agony.
I’ve just got a letter from my girl after so long,
She said she has a five years old boy named Justice.
A creature they begot, the monsters.
She told me she could not allow herself to terminate
The pregnancy when she realized it later on.
That’s why she could not stand talking to me all these years.

Those monsters she said have taken our life away
But perhaps she stated, someday Justice might right the wrong on our way.
Using the fruit to kill the tree will be a beautiful piece of poetry she claimed.
With heavy tears, stains I can feel on the paper still in my hands.

She wrote me a letter with a strawberry signature
To mean she will forever love me and remain mine
No matter how long she will have to wait for me
To walk out of this cell as a free man.

Now I hold this letter so dear as the promise that
Somehow mayhaps there’s still a possibility of life for me.

Diary of a Convict.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter,Diary of a Convict.

Photo Credit: Pinterest