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Which mask should she lay upon her lonely face today;
Would it matter which mask she would play with either way?
Can you see beneath the sultry look and skin facade;
Can you feel the depth of all her hurt already laid?

She removes the mask in moments just to show her truth inside,
But still you cannot look beyond the skin that takes your eye;
Still enslaved to all those urgent wants and manly needs;
Still determined lust will plant desire in every seed.

Take away the skin that masks the need of your desire;
Dampen all the ego that feeds that flaming fire.
Reach beyond the breast; the naked flesh that we just hire,
And soak into the essence of a girl unmasked from fire.

Break the mold that’s dragged this world to beg upon its knees;
Pushed to see perfection in every vision seen.
Dismiss the sight to please a need, create the world she feels;
A world that doesn’t crave sublime but holds her while she heals,

Could you close your eyes, if only for a while;
Can you feel her joy without forcing her to smile?
Can you love each scar she has painted on with pain;
hold that broken beauty till she finds her truth again?

Each painted smile, a mask of need; her pouted lips, just lack,
Craving those who lust with sight to bring her feelings back.
Look beyond her sparkle, don’t settle for the flash,
Just hold her in her darkness, let the light remove her mask.

Heather Lea

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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