Liberscribes-Poetry-Women-Rainbow women.

I know a rainbow of women
some sparkle like the sun
reflected off a glorious lake
and you feel their warmth
spreading through your body
melting all the hard places
unfreezing the pain of lost innocence
Some hold us in great big arms of love
their energy rising up our spines
urging us to keep going
to break loose of the confines
and the stories
of all we think we know about the world
Some women break us open
their faces and hearts say it all
Reflecting our own sorrow and heartbreak
and we can see the wisdom of the soul
in the depths of their brave eyes
Some sing to our bones
melodies long forgotten
the notes landing in the fertile soil
of our luminous bodies
so that we can create from memory
the magic of the feminine again and again
Some women carry us into the void
and through the deepest and darkest nights
they stand watch as we die
saying nothing, simply knowing
there will be peace after the fall
And some women carry the torch
to lead us all out of the flames and ash
they stand with courage at the crossroads
fearless in their dignity and power
and their strength and clarity guides us
when we feel lost in the journey
This rainbow of women
all taking their place in the circle
each one full of potent medicine
And beautiful as the Goddess Herself
gives me hope that our world
will remember how to exist in harmony.

~ Jamie Francis ~

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