Liberscribes Poetry-Poetry about Self-Discovery-Soul.

“My soul, where are you?
Do you hear me?

I speak, I call you,
are you there?
I have returned,
I am here again.

I have shaken the dust of all the
lands from my feet, and I have
come to you, I am with you.

After long years of long
wandering, I have come to you

Should I tell you everything I have
seen, experienced, and drunk in?
Or do you not want to hear about
all the noise of life and the world?

But one thing you must know:
the one thing I have learned is
that one must live this life.

Do you still know me?
How long the separation lasted!
Everything has become so,

And how did I find you?
How strange my journey was!
What words should I use to tell
you on what twisted paths a good
star has guided me to you?

Give me your hand,
my almost forgotten soul.
How warm the joy at seeing you
again, you long disavowed soul.
Life has led me back to you.

Let us thank the life I have lived
for all the happy and all the sad
hours, for every joy, for every

My soul, my journey should
continue with you.
I will wander with you
and ascend to my solitude.”

C.G. Jung, The Red Book:
Liber Novus
via Victoria Crow