Liberscribes -Poetry-Love-Relationships.


He wrote her a text and deleted every word,
Then drew her a love heart in his dust.
He called her, and she answered, so he just put down the phone.
Corroded thoughts building up his rust.

He told her that he loved her, but not when she could hear;
He said he couldn’t live without her smile,
But all these little tellings are just fragments of his fears
Stored within his hidden lonely files.

Never can he tell her how he misses her sweet scent;
Never will he voice how much he hurts,
For he is lost and drowning in his deep and empty well;
Too much pain inside for loving words.

Can anything now save him, from the shadows that feel true,
Can he stop to hear the love that beats?
He wrote another message, it said “Sorry, I love you”
But again, the broken in him pressed delete.

Heather Lea

Photo Credit: Pinterest