My soul belongs to another time, I drift there in my thought,
It’s a time before the bustle, full of peace, no fear of storm.
A simple life, a simple home, a wooden little cottage,
No shopping for my lunch, living off the forage.

No idea of all to come, the speed, the need, the game,
Just soaking in the sunshine and cooling with the rain.
No clock, no phone, no diary, a life relaxed and free,
Full of all I needed yet such sweet simplicity.

I wore a dress that flowed, danced in fields of daffodils
My garden didn’t have a gate, had rivers, streams and hills.
Each spoon of food I ate was so appreciated,
I blessed each piece in front of me that I cooked and collated.

No car to get me here and there, no plane to fly away,
Just loving all I had with me, each and every day.
I often wander to her, it’s where I’m meant to be
For my soul chooses love and love is simplicity.

Heather Lea

Photo Credit: Pinterest