There was a time I would have set myself on fire, to keep others warm.
There was a time I would have crossed oceans to reach people who wouldn’t cross a stream for me.
There was a time I would try, too hard, to be seen by those, who would simply never see me.
There was a time I felt myself unworthy of a person, who could actually never be worthy of me.
But not anymore.
You see my friend, there are many ways to spend your time on this earth
but wasting it on those who are not appreciative of your attention, is a crying shame.
Use your time wisely.
Save your best efforts for those who care.
For those who would return the favour or at least appreciate your attention.
Those who truly value you.
And the rest?
If they do not see you now, they never will.
And they are missing out.
Make this the time that you realise your time is precious and should only be bestowed on those who bring you comfort, positivity, support, love or joy.
Or all of the above.
Remember, you are the main act, not a warm up,
and this, my friend, is no dress rehearsal.
This is it.
The curtain is well and truly up.
Shine on.

Donna Ashworth

Photo Credit: Pinterest