I didn’t see you at first;
You didn’t really want to be seen.
You were so wrapped in pain it caused the wrinkles on your face to age you.
You looked so old.
I didn’t try to look for you; saw nothing of interest to look for.
Your life seemed quite dull, you had no dreams.
I would do my best to avoid listening to you; I would sit and listen to words I didn’t like rather than hearing the dull drone of your pain.
I didn’t see you;
I didn’t care to see you;
I was busy looking for someone better than you;
Someone without your flaws;
Someone who could make things happen;
Had get up and go;
Someone I could hide behind

But, no one can hide forever,
I was left to search again
For someone;
Other than you.

I searched so deep that
I dug a tunnel straight to you…

There you were.

I had to look.
I had to see you,
I was left with no choice.

I saw your greying hair,
I judged the life you have led.
I looked at your motionless face.
I saw such ugliness in your tears;
Such failure;
Such weakness,

But then I looked again
And my heart just swelled inside my chest.

I saw your eyes.
I saw your story.
I saw your beauty.
I remembered how many times you have risen
From pain
And each time,
You grew with love.
I remembered the times you smiled to guide another
Though your pain was more than theirs.
You never shared your pain;
You always shared your love.

I saw you that day…
I saw the beauty that you were
And the future that you are.
I see you
In my reflection.

I’m sorry.

You are safe with me now.

I love you.

Heather Lea

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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