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Guardian of the light
Protector of the seals
The one who vows not to be seen
He who in the dark works to serve
To bring light to so many a people
Yet pretending not to be a sparkle
That illuminates the night of lost travelers
There you stand in the glory of your personality
Bringing inspiration to everyone who your road crosses
Uplifting young and old souls on the road to self find
An ode to you I’ve scribed from the depth of my soul
To your life sing whilst you’re still alive
For, some legends are well sung when they still breathe.
Of your kind, earth has got very few specimens
So we embrace and remain grateful for every Moment with you around, guardian of the light.
He who fights the dark to enlighten the world of
Those of them who have sight and tragically lack vision.
He who empowers those who wish to bring about a positive change.
You are a handsome lucifer to so many a people
And this ode shall stand as a reminder that you are a change Bearer.
Forever after.

To Armand Kougnanvo

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Wild and Free, Poetry Volume.

Photo Credit: Pinterest