Dear God,

I am writing this letter to say sorry and ask you some questions. I am sorry because human kind has failed you. I know you believed in our kind when you first created earth. Supposedly.

Dear God, tell me, apart from the angels, the demons, all these thousands of millions of animal species, are there any other species in the Universe?Or perhaps the Multiverse? I am asking this because I need to understand.

I need to understand why you put all your trust in humanity. Or, is this all a lie? For thousands of times, They’ve failed you. Dear God, I have some questions I need to ask. I don’t mean to be rude. I just need to understand. So, please tell me,

  • Who are you for real?
  • Where do you come from?
  • Why did you even create humans in the first place? I mean, you created them right?
  • What’s the purpose of showing humans both good and bad if you really want them to be good forever? Please, don’t tell me you wanted them to choose when the goal is already settled.
  • Why did you even cast Lucifer from heaven? Is that what a good father is supposed to do? My old man wanted to cast my younger sister from home for being rebellious so I wonder.
  • Where do you live? You said to have created the Universe. Fine, Heaven is part of the universe. Where were you before then? In the empty? What about the Multiverse?
  • Don’t you have a family? No siblings? Who’s your father?
  • Why do you fight Lucifer when you told humans that it is a bad thing to fight each other? He was once your beloved son remember.
  • If humanity is as precious as you say, why do you allow all this evil on earth?
  • Is that what you call a Free Will? Giving humans means to fight each other and wishing them to choose your own side? I call it suicide!
  • You know me more than I do, that’s what they say; and all I know about you is related to my so-called faith, do you think this is fair?
  • What’s the mystery behind all this?
  • Are we a kind of distraction to heaven’s creatures?

Dear God, don’t take this personal. I love you, I love the Universe, I love human kind but I need to understand.

You’re doing a great job with humans but you can do better, trust me. You’re not alone. I stand by you. Please acknowledge receipt of my letter as soon as you have some spare time.

The Apprentice,

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

Photo Credit: Pinterest