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When they graduate from school or at some point of their lives when they need to make a living, people often face different choices in regards to what they can do or where they can work in order to earn a crust.

Civil Servant

First and foremost, working for the government often tends to be the first choice people want to embrace mostly because of the old school mindset, the security, the stability, a better work-life balance and other advantages if offers. Being a civil servant and working for at least thirty years before retirement is what most parents wish for their children.

Of course it helps a lot knowing that you have a job that can offer you a pension and some others advantages with some sort of security (stability) but it comes with its loads of difficulties.

Private Sector Employee

On the second hand, a group of people would rather work for the private sector mostly because it pays better and your skills as employee are valued even though in most cases there is no retirement plan. When you work for in the private sector, you have larger salaries, more opportunities for advancement and better benefits in form of vacation time, annual bonuses, insurance coverage and many other advantages that do not exist in the public sector.

But the problem is that you can be discharged at any time in the absence of a contract or in violation to a signed contract, worse, the firm can file for bankruptcy or close and you can lose your job thus be obliged to look for another one in a world where many people are looking for a job on a daily basis.

Become an Entrepreneur

There is a growing trend, another alternative that more and more people have been embracing nowadays. Yet, it takes the soul of an entrepreneur, a great idea, a business plan, a great deal of courage and effort, technical skills, the ability to bounce back after failures and a whole lot of requirements to embrace it.

Entrepreneurship. Setting up a business. Being your own boss. It’s not always easy but it provides a lot of advantages when one happens to succeed as a business man or woman. However, it’s a quite challenging area. Demanding and risky.

You can choose this

Now, if I was to choose a side, I think I will start working for a sector, may it be public or private while I work on my business idea. It will allow me to build a strong business plan, to study the prerequisites, to save money for the business and get ready to venture. Building a business is great but you need to be prepared as well.

The other thing is that it often takes a team to build some businesses and you have to be open enough to invite other people to join you. To do so, you need to learn to be a good team player, to value people and to galvanize them around your idea.

The fact is that most people fail at building a business because they do not often take the time it requires to study the feasibility and all the aspects of their business idea.

So what will you choice be? Do you dream to work as a Civil servant? Or perhaps you’d rather work for the private sector. Do you have the soul of an entrepreneur?

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

Photo Credit: Pinterest