Liberscribes Poetry-Self-Personalty/Awakening

Eyes on Me

All Eyes On Me
But I can only please Myself…
The thing is to be Real
No matter what it costs…
I have my Ups along with my Downs
But I don’t expect you to get along with it.
I may be a terrible master but I am a very
Good apprentice the master once said…

All Eyes On Me
But I will only show you what I want
And it doesn’t matter what you think
‘Cause in the end my demons are mine…
And if I ever happen to disappoint you
Those were your expectations not mine…

All Eyes On Me
But this won’t change who I am for real
‘Cause if I ever lose what makes me True
Who do you think will embrace the fraud
When times comes and the veil falls.

All Eyes On Me
As I dance the mad song in the rain
Making haters think I feel no pain
Hiding my truths from them again
Hell cause I know it’s my boat to sail
And in the end, I’ll only have myself to blame.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Wild and Free, Poetry Volume

Photo Credit: Pinterest