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You’ll always be your own priority
And no matter what happens, don’t
Ever forget to look after yourself.
Remember my friend that there’ll always be wars
Monsters inside of you will forever fight
But don’t ever let anyone win but you
‘Cause if you can be in control, it’s all it takes
To tame the demons, those parts of darkness inside of you.
Remember my friend that you’ll always need to be your first priority
In this world of growing chaos where equilibrium is the key to survival,
Remember to let it out, the anger trapped inside of you
‘Cause before you can tell, it might turn into a time bomb ready to blow
And this my friend will put you in permanent danger
Remember to care for your mental health your peace of mind and true happiness.
Allowing anyone to endanger any of these is not part of the equation
For, your own safety and true happiness are all that matter.
Remember my friend to let go of any toxic memory or relationship
Anything you see that doesn’t help you grow and fulfill your purpose.
Remember my friend to build a perfect harmony with the universe.
Remember to Be and live a beautiful life of your choice
‘Cause before your can tell, death at the door will stand, ready to carry you home
So remember that to die in peace, you must have lived beautifully, Eudemonia.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Wild and Free, Poetry Volume.

Photo Credit: Pinterest