Pieces I wrote

I once wrote a poem about love
Mayhaps someday might it come true
You and I holding hands in the alley
Walking our way to the hills,
A place we cherish and where
We had our first kiss.
I recall that’s where you first said you loved me.

I once wrote that piece about heartbreak,
Expecting this never to happen
‘Cause I still don’t dare
To think of a life where you and I had to part.
Becoming mere strangers,
People who once where crazy in love.

I once wrote a piece, a beautiful one about family.
You and I chuckling as we are playing cheerfully
With our grandchildren in the yard,
Recalling memories of our life,
A fairy tale our kids sometimes would say.

Which one will history tell I wonder
As I gaze at you by the street
While a hand you are waving to a stranger.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Poetry Volume

Photo Credit Pinterest