Do remember

Do you remember, when kids we still were,
When love was still pure and trust so natural.
Do you remember when reason we needed not
To love in a way that unites our souls,
Yours to mine no-string-attached.

Do you remember when young we still were
And my hand in the dark forever you wanted
To hold to keep us safe and happy
You by my side as we walk through life.

Do you still remember the Genesis of our life,
Those thousands of lives all in one we’ve had.
Cause I do and it still reminds me that
Forever after bound we are, you and I.

Do you still remember what love meant
To us, you and I when it saved us from
The darkest hours we had to face back then
As the world turned against us for no reason.

‘Cause I do and if you could, mayhaps a chance
Still there is for us to mend the broken pieces
Of what used to be our life, a bond we built
A gift I’ve always cherished so dear
Even in times of mistakes I’d rather avoid.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter,

Photo Credit: Pinterest