The Book of Healthy Life

We often wonder why some people are in good shape even when they are old while some others look very old at a young age. Well, that’s the magic of our body depending on the lifestyle we choose to embrace.

There’s a common philosophy that our health depends on many ways on our lifestyle. It’s true even though some people choose not to believe it. We are what we eat and what we do with our body. As a human being, we all need to embrace the book of Healthy Life.

In his last speech, Steve Jobs said, “when a person goes in the operating room, he/she will realize that there’s one book that he/she has yet to finish reading, The Book of Healthy Life”. The question is: How many of us really care about the book of Healthy Life?

Yet, our well-being and lifespan depend closely on the Book of Healthy Life. In the latter, there are small rules to follow in order to be healthy and live longer. First and foremost,
-eat for your future,
-eat healthy and avoid junk food,
-ban smoking and drugs,
-keep tabs on your blood pressure,
-take it easy on yourself and avoid stressful situations which may lead to fatal heart attacks,
-avoid drinking more alcohol than your system needs and mind your blood sugar,
-check your level of cholesterol and exercise on a regular basis.

Most people don’t understand how crucial it is to go for long walks, to workout at least 20-30 minutes a day. On the second hand, as a human being, you should have a very good hygiene, keeping in mind that your environment influences your health and well-being.

Mediation is also a very important chapter in the Book of Healthy Life because it helps our mind stay calm and helps us control our breathing which is a defining factor of our well-being (emotionally and physically).

Knowing the rules to follow in the Book of Healthy Life is one thing, embracing them and following the path to a healthy lifestyle are what it requires to live longer and happier.

Yet, one question still remains. Now that you know all that, what do you plan to do with your lifestyle and health?

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

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