March twenty thirteen
Eighth was the date
2:00am, morning still asleep
Phantoms in the shades of the corridor
March twenty thirteen
Rough day ‘Cause I broke my ankle.
She was gorgeous and well-dressed.
At the party, I had my eyes only on her.
I walked her to the chamber door
To myself reassured I was the last
To see her before bed.
At the door we stopped and held hands.
She looked at me and my heart went on a stop.
I was breathless ‘Cause ‘Nessa was in my eyes.
My lips with her mouth she touched
With grace and manner
Cool breeze in the shades of the night
Nineteen seconds of a dream coming true.
Day ‘Nessa kissed me
I felt alive and my pains were gone.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Broken Pieces. Poetry Volume

Photo Credit: Pinterest