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[I often hear people planning their lives and happiness on the basis of uncertainties and how much money they will make. They speculate about life, about happiness and about spending time with family and friends. I used to do the same until I heard the story of the merchant. I promised that I will pass it on one day or the other. I guess now is the right time. ]

There once was a merchant who lived with his two daughters Botalé the first-born and Yazi the youngest. His wife died when Yazi was three. She had breast cancer and they were not rich enough to afford the chemotherapy.

The merchant suffered the loss of his beloved one for a long period of time before he could decide to pull himself back together. ‘’I must do this for my daughters’’ he said.

From that day on, he strove everyday to make as much money as possible. He was involved in many business deals and promised he would never have to be that vulnerable anymore.

In the process of becoming rich, the merchant could not spend enough time with his two daughters. He hired a nanny to take care of them. Every week, the merchant could only spend about two hours with his daughters. He would always come home late and was the first to leave early in the morning when he was in town.

One day, as they were spending time together in the garden, Yazi the youngest one suggested that they would follow their father on his next journey since they were on vacation.

But he said: As much as I would love to spend time with you two, I can’t take care of you and focus on making good deals at the same time and you better than anyone know that we need all this money that I am making. I am doing this for you and I promise that very soon, we’ll spend a great deal of time together.

Once I get enough money to afford your college tuition, your health insurance and other expenses, I will retire and spend the rest of my time with you girls because you are my everything, you know that, don’t you?

Botalé who was almost sixteen replied: ‘’But you won’t even notice us. I can take care of my sister. We just want to be with you. We only see you once in a week dad, and this, not even on a regular basis. You don’t even know much about us and we need you.

It’s been ten long years since mamma passed away and you’ve been doing the same thing. Don’t you think that we have enough money but less attention? We need you daddy’’

Then he said in an angry but sad voice‘’ Botalé, I can’t have this conversation with you right now. You are supposed to back me up and not to stand by your sister. I know it’s not easy but we need this money. I am doing this for you. Give me some more time.’’ After these words, he stood up and left the garden.

The rich merchant then went to the nanny who was busy in the kitchen. He gave her enough money to afford the different expenses as he would go on a two weeks business trip. His daughters returned to their rooms as they were used to the situation.

The merchant traveled and brought some presents back to his beloved daughters. Botalé was so thrilled when her father gave her the new scarf he bought during his trip. The family kept the two hours scenario although the girls wished they could spend more time with their father, the sole parent that they still got.

Three months later something terrible happened. One very day while the nanny was driving Yazi and Botalé to school, there was a car crash and Yazi and the nanny died on the spot. Later on, after her admission into hospital, Botalé had a brain hemorrhage and took her last breath.

As the news came to the rich merchant who was on a business trip, he traveled back to realize that everything he had been struggling for was now gone. His two daughters were dead. Few days later, he buried his daughters on a gloomy Friday.

After the crash, his life had completely changed. He had not left his house until the day a neighbor, his old friend who had come to check on him realized that the old wealthy merchant had committed suicide. He had taken his life away. He hanged himself in Yazi’s room. He could bear the absence of his family any longer. The entire small city mourned for few days as they remembered the tragedy that had befallen the merchant’s family.

[Life is right here right now. Embrace it! Enjoy the moment. Don’t wait for a defining moment that might never come. Do not make the mistake of putting your life on hold. Spend time with your family and cherish them now that you still can.

Besides, how long do you truly think you are going to live? How do you know it? When you go to bed tonight, there is no guarantee that you will wake up tomorrow. Is there any?

My advice is, now that you still can, live! Take a chance and live your life with no regret. Enjoy every moment with the people you love. Make time to live before you end up dead or lose the ones you love the most without having spent quality time with them.

Embrace the ups and stand tall in the downs. Because ‘’Now’’ is all you have. Don’t waste it. And as you read this, pass it on to someone else. It might help someone, you might just save someone.]






Paterne Freeman Shadowriter

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