Haunted by my dreams,
I barely find sleep at night.
Haunted by my dreams,
As if the whole world is counting on me,
I have this feeling of responsibility
Towards myself and the world around me.

Haunted by my dreams,
I make choices most people don’t understand.
Haunted by my dreams,
I figured out I didn’t have to fit in
But to do what it takes to reach the goal.

Haunted by my dreams,
I often find myself desolate
When things go so bad
With loads of predicaments
To carry upon my shoulders.

Haunted by my dreams,
I lost friends and families
People who think I should fit in
To be one of them,
People who want me to live
A life without purpose because,
Fate has settled everything up they said.

Haunted by my dreams
I embrace the unknown
In the search of a meaning to my existence.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Lyrics of Revival, Poetry Volume.

Photo Credit Pinterest