Soule Ranch, a rich merchant was once spotted begging for money on the street. He was wearing ragged clothes and stood by the corner of a street. Many people who didn’t know the man would drop a penny or a bank note for the most generous ones. But something unexpected happened. A former employee walked by and recognized the man and asked, surprised.
-Sir, what happened? I knew you to be a rich man.
-I am not the man you think you knew.
-Of course, you are Soule Ranch and I once worked for you when I was still living in Clemence. You were so nice to your employees and you even offered a Christmas present to my little daughter one day. I know it’s you.
-Well, I guess I can’t hide myself anymore.
-But what happened to your company and everything you owned sir?
-Nothing, my dear.
-Nothing ? What do you mean?
-Well, it’s simple. I mean I am still wealthy and everything is fine.
-But why are you this far from Clemence and why precisely are you begging for money?
-Well, gentleman, it’s simple. For experience sake.
-Experience? This is totally weird. What sort of experience drives a rich man to beg for money?
-I know what it sounds like. But you see, I have been rich all my life. I inherited a lot of money from my old man. Then I used part of that money to build my company and I’ve traveled the world but I’ve never been poor. I’ve given a lot of money to charity and so many a time have I met beggars on streets. But I’ve never been in their shoes. Couple of days ago as I was on a flight back to Clemence an idea stroke my mind. I wanted to see what it feels like to be on the street and beg for money. I’ve been here for the last two weeks and from what I’ve learned, it takes a lot of courage to be out here begging. Nobody should live this life. You see them over there, pointing to the other side of the street where three other beggars were standing, they used to have a life but it all collapsed due to our world. I had a lot of different conversations with them and I’ve made up my mind. I intend to go back to Clemence with them and give them shelter and a job. They too deserve a share of a fair life. I will continue this in different cities and try my very best to give those brave people a second chance at life.
-Sir, I just don’t know what to say-this is the bravest thing I’ve ever heard and it’s so selfless no matter what people may think.
-Actually I don’t care what people think. It’s in our nature to think positively and negatively all the time. We tend to judge people on every occasion but I just want to live my life according to my own rules and this is something I want to do.
-You’ve just inspired me.
-I hope you’ll keep this secret to yourself because I still need this to be genuine.
-I promise to keep your secret for now.
-Why for now?
-Because someday, someone has to tell this story to the world.
-No need of that.
-Well, perspective sir.

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