How short a time eternity
When something inside has broken
As feelings have evolved
Breaking promises made so long ago.
When the heart a beat changes,
Reversing the harmony
of a song long sung
At the core of feuds
Made up in the sea
Where no one speaks
Right to a bond save.

Possess me not,
So wild a soul of mine
Willing a lifetime with you share
Not more,
Still free will be,
But human her heart stands
For to them to love is to own
Forever after with no freedom.

How short can forever be
When promises of better and worse broken
As the worst home inside has made
And vows once made in the euphoria of
A feeling love called have faded
Slaves of worries of what may or not be,

Possess me not,
A mistake, a soul of a poet taken in service
And his heart, his heart shattered with
Missing pieces therefore never whole.
Desolate traveler with a mission from afar

So he walks, embracing what he holds so dear,
Cause he knows it a bit too well,
No forever is too long when love of a human heart speaks.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Wild and Free, Poetry Volume

Photo Credit:Pinterest