Maybe you’re going through a lot right now. Maybe you have the feeling that the whole world is against you. Maybe you think that the Universe doesn’t care about your pain, about your situation. Maybe your entire world has fallen apart. I get it. And I also know that nobody wants to go through all that.

This too shall pass. I guarantee you that it’s only temporary. Your troubles are like the waves of the ocean. They come and go. Don’t let them steal your moment. It’s your moment, remember. It’s your to own it. The countdown is about to start again. This is a new chance to redefine everything, to redesign your life, to make the right calls. To take hold of your destiny. A new chance to start over. To start anew.

Forget about all the past failures and predicaments because they don’t define you. You can still get what you want. You can still be who you want to be. You can still earn the best out of your life. Because you too can achieve great in life, you too can become great. Because you matter. You hear me, you matter.

For the world to be a better place, we need you too. Don’t give up on yourself. The Universe has not given up on you. It’s preparing you. It’s strengthening your mind for you to be the best version of yourself.

Now that the countdown is about to start again, take a moment to show gratitude, gratitude for being alive, gratitude for being among the people who will change the world, yes, you are one of the people who will change the world. If you are reading this right now, believe me, you are. You just have to believe in it and be the best that you can be.

Don’t let anything steal your moment. Don’t let any grief steal your happiness, your smile. Do no hand this power to any situation. Now that you are about to start a new year, you can make some new life resolutions, a start over. Allow yourself a clean slate. That’s how you do it.

God the Universe bless us.

We are Powerful beyond measure.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

All the team wishes you a Fabulous New Year.