Falling in love with the magic of life
Being ready to embrace my true self
I walked away from the noise of the outside world
Trying my very best to stay authentic and real.
I searched inside the things I couldn’t find outside
Here’s how I found everything missing
For me to be who I was meant to be
From the very beginning of life itself.
I awakened the power of true self
Wandering in the memories of my old forgotten lives.
Transcending pains at the center of collective amnesia
My life henceforth a different picture
Known only to whom my path has once taken
Thriving at the core of things hidden to typical mind
Desolate appearance from what perspective says
Yet, euphoric for knowledge of worlds the bridge has broken
Setting my true self free and ready to embrace,
I awakened.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Growing Strange, Poetry Volume.

Photo Credit Internet