Slave, a life

Freedom is an ideal that I want to fight for and this is one of the core reasons why I live.

Slavery was abolished very long ago. At least, the one we all know about. Yet, nowadays, many people are living a life of slavery believing that it is supposed to be that way. But having a physical master giving us orders is not the only form of slavery I must say. 

Today, so many people live by religious dogmas and society rules to a point that they forget to be. Actually, they don’t even know what it means to be.  They often think that this is the way things are supposed to be because a group of individual made them believe so.

I am pretty sure you’ve met a lot of people who often say, that’s how it is supposed to be or more accurately these are the rules. Says who? I am not encouraging any sort of anarchy here. But How many people really live a life they’ve chosen to live or make their own decisions in the process of being human?

How many are we still trapped in a professional, religious, emotional, mental, never ending slavery?

There’s way more to life than mere respect of set rules and playing by regulations. Daring to be. Daring to speak your truth and embrace your full potential. Daring to think for yourself and take a stand.

A lot of dreams are dead today because most people are too afraid to be true to themselves and give birth to the ideas that are impatiently waiting…

There may be no visible chain, but the question that still remains is, are you free?

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

Photo Credit Pinterest