The desire to be loved and to love is one of the most tempting human feelings ever. As we walk through life, we often wonder if there is any chance that we could possibly meet another human being that will perfectly fit in our expectations, someone who will embrace our flaws and cherish our being. Some people call it, the perfect soulmate.

A soulmate is someone whom we share a very deep friendship with, someone who understands us in a sense that is difficult for other people to comprehend. Everyone has a soulmate but not everybody meets their soulmate or recognizes them.

Very often, we tend to believe that a soulmate must certainly be our husband or wife. We do not imagine the very possibility that it might be a friend or a sibling even though we happen to have very deep feelings and understanding with some of these people.

Here is what I think, your soulmate may be your bestfriend, one of your siblings, a coworker whom you get so much along with or someone else, it may be someone that you definitely are not dating.

I think if we truly decide to open our heart and let our soul speak, we won’t have to search for our soul mates because we will easily recognize them.

I know we may have different perspectives about all this, but take a moment and look around. Sometimes, we look for things that are right next to us.
Let me just stop here for now.
Can you relate?

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

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