Are you happy?
That was the question that surprised some of my friends the other day so I have decided to write a piece about it and share my view on the subject.

We live in a world where people care more about the money you make, your fame, the last sneakers you bought and other trifles. They gossip about a lot and show witty interest in a lot but happiness. How sad! ‘’why are you asking me this Freeman?” She said when I asked a friend of mine if she was happy.

To my humble mind, it was a routine, something absolutely normal to want to know if my friend is happy but to my surprise. She was so astonished as if that were an alien question.
‘’Happy? What’s the trick, you’re too weird with your unusual questions?’’ He said, when I asked that bro if he was happy.
It was the same for people I work with and that brings me so much sorrow.

People usually think that it doesn’t matter to be happy as long as you live, get a job, work every day, eat, grow old and await death to come carry you home.

So, here is the thing. What worth a living if you are not happy? If you are not doing the things that you truly love, where is happiness?
Please don’t tell me that you waiting for tomorrow to be happy. You don’t know anything about tomorrow. Guess what, it might never come. So, would you just ruin your entire life awaiting a moment that you might never see?
I urge You to Be Happy Now!!!!!
Be in the Now before you become a mere memory.
Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes
Photo Credit Queen G.