What if in a parallel universe those divinities gather and laugh out loud everyday because of what they think of their makers?? Their Creators?

The egregore (An autonomous psychic entity that is composed of and influencing the thoughts of a group of people.) has made humans create so many divinities that have turned into their gods. “How sad!”, would the divinities say. “They created us to serve them but they are the ones serving and adoring us as if we were the gods that need adoration and serving. If only they knew that they are the gods of every geographical delimitation, they wouldn’t be bothering us with prayers while all they had to do is to give us orders for us to obey because we are because they allow us to be”

From a religious point of view, this might sound pretty much like a blasphemy, after all, people have come up with fanatic ideas of what religion should be with no big picture of what the real human nature is.

I stand not as a lecturer but I have come to understand as an apprentice to the universe that everything is energy and those deities are made out of the egregore energy created by humans at different levels, locations, era for different purposes.

A simple question, ” Has any of those divinities called themselves gods?” Humans give them names and adoration after having created them out of their imagination to serve them. How sad!

Of course we all need something and someone to believe in, but what If we start believing in the first place in the power inside of everyone of us with the primary knowledge that we are energy? That’s the start of wisdom. ”

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Marianne Williamson.

Knowing and embracing the power inside of everyone of us is what it will take to have a deeper understanding of what our true human nature is and what we are really capable of.

Human beings who are the true gods of all nations have turned themselves into puppies serving the deities made of their own imaginations because they strongly believe those divinities to have created them and there is no worse prison than a rooted belief.

Well, it is all about perspective some would say. Fair enough.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter