Hey you. I’ve got a surprise for you.
You know what?
Cinderella has never been a victim, neither are you. Right now, you may think: “What is he talking about?”
Fair enough. But guess what.
It was her path to thrive. She needed all those hardships and predicaments in order to grow.

Now, you tell me.
What’s the hardship or predicament that you’re going through right now, giving you the feeling that you are a victim of your circumstances, victim of your environment, or victim of any kind of fate?

What is it that is breaking you, making you believe that you are not good enough to achieve great in life?
Who are the Drizellas, Anastasias, or even the nemesis that won’t let you live the life that you want?

Oh sure, at a point, we all have those kind of people in our lives. Trust me, we all do.
But here is the thing that you’ve gotten to know:
Those Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella are just characters of your story, your story, not theirs, so you must be the one in control. Don’t ever let anyone take control of your life.

We all have such characters in our personal stories but the way the story ends depends on us. They help us reshape our personality and make us stronger even though very often, they think they are breaking us. So you can let them break you or you can decide to take advantage of the situation to become who you were meant to be. A victor, not a victim.

You absolutely are not a victim and the sooner you realize that, the better your life will be.

Nobody said that it was going to be easy. To grow, you must suffer, and you must go through some hardships. The process may be long, it may take a year, five or even more but eventually, if you keep your head up high, if you keep fighting for what you want and what you believe is true, you will end up happy and successful. There’s no other way out.

You see, the funny thing about Cinderella’s life story is how it ends. Nobody could have foreseen that turn of events. Still, it happened. So people may not believe in you, but, you my friend, you must at all cost believe in whatever your passion is and work hard and smart to make your dream come true.

Look, people may treat you bad, some of them will be unfair to you, worse, and some others will even try to stop you. It doesn’t have to surprise you. They are part of the story. The way you answer to everything is what makes all the difference.

And remember, somewhere, somehow, you too have a Gus and a Jaq who would do anything to help you. Have you learned to recognize them?
Look, no matter where you are, there are always people around the corner who are meant to help you. You are not alone. No, you’re not. Learn to recognize signs and omens around you, they will help you.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes