I woke up the other night thinking about us.
Is it really me or am I really not over you?
What they say about love, I can’t choose my side.
I know this life is a crazy shit hole but
You’ve made it a home by your side at least a while. How can I get over it, when all I’ve known is you Everytime they speak of Love,
Everytime there’s a thing to feel.
How can I ever move on with life
When I know you’re out there somewhere,
Out there somewhere not with me.
Tell me, Did we make the right call, walking into the opposite direction while our feelings were so strong?
What else could I have said to make you stay
Or perhaps I am not a better man to feel so strong
For a girl of magic with a smile of gold that turns pains into chuckles.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

Photo Credit Pinterest