My heart in thousand pieces,
My door to take my soul.
When at night I fear the deluge of them freaks
Walking down our streets.

Go Ye monsters from another worlds,
Here is the land of the livings
Go and come no more
Ye hollow beings
Lost in-between worlds.

See my face, I wear no disguise
Even when the monster in me cries
‘Cause I’ve come to choose my side,
In this world of freaking pride.

Hear the music, it says farewell
‘Cause you’re no allowed here but in hell
Where your fellow monsters dwell
In the biggest cell with no soul to sell.

O Halloween! Halloween!
The night is over! The night is over!
Take your monsters away,
Take them out of our world.
Halloween! Halloween!

Now you can wake up,
Now you can leave the corner.
The threat is gone for one more year.
Brother I swear it’s all gone.
Sister please wake up, you’re safe now.

Halloween is gone!
Halloween is gone!
With all its monsters.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Self a Universe, Poetry Volume

Photo Credit: Pinterest