Some people think that I soften. Some others dare to argue‘’ Oh dear, he’s just a coward’’
But I bet they won’t believe if I tell.
How could I focus on outside battles when there are thousands of battles ongoing inside me?

While in my head, there is no rest, the king of overthinkers I stand.
How possibly can I fight with you, when I am not done with the battles inside me?

If you asked me, well, I would tell,
What’s the point winning outside battles when you lose control inside?

I saw the bully by the corner who yelled at me, come, let’s fight.
But the voices inside whisper, ‘’go, and we’ll fight you even harder.
Don’t you know he’s going through a lot? ‘’

Now, tell me, now that you know.
What battle do you choose to win? ‘Cause the world inside me is way scarier I say.

Now, tell me, now that you know.
Now that you know why I don’t fight with my arms or guns.
‘Cause if the battle inside of me I win, fighting you is of no worth.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes