My dearest Sophia,

The night is full of beautiful stars, a perfect moment to dream and to wander across the multiverse in search of beauty and interdimensional truths. Instead, I am sure that you’re right in a corner of your room worrying about me one more time.
I know you care a lot and you’re probably afraid I might lose my mind one more time. But I would like to make a promise, perhaps an oath out of selfish desire. I want you to know that you can breathe and live a beautiful life. You deserve this in every sense and to make sure this happens, I’mna take care of myself because I know how much this means to you.
Ever since I traveled to this dimension, I’ve met a lot of different people but I can assure there’s quite rare people like you. And for this, I am extremely grateful. Your loyalty and concern are some of the reasons why I am still holding on.
I know I’ve made promises in the past but hear my word for I intend to make sure you get the incredible and happy life you’ve always deserved and dreamed of.
I’ve been working on myself, trynna pull my life back together. A good news right? Well, you were right. Even if here is not home and the feeling of home has deserted me for very long, I’ve come to understand the very fact that there must be a meaning to this earthly adventure I am called to embrace.
I cannot complain, not anymore when I know that there are special yet very few people like you out there who care. I used to believe that nobody cares until recently when I met a tribe of enlightened empaths who make me realize that I am and never will be alone.
So, my dear Sophia, I will make things right by me therefore by you. I just need some more time. Until then, you remain my strongest support.
I love you and forever will.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Letters Never Sent