The story I am about to tell is one of the most challenging of my entire gracious life. If it were not for the good vibes I once hurled off, I am sure my life would probably be a sort of mess or something less interesting than what it is today. Thank God I made that right move at that very moment. I have to confess that I was not always used to that. I’m still learning after all…
Well, when I first started my trading career eighteen years ago, I was one of the people they call “Person of interest”. I was rich and powerful. I had a luxurious lifestyle. One day, when I was walking my way to the parking of my firm, I met a young man who walked close to me. He was wearing a worn out blue t-shirt and black pants.
-Good evening sir, he said in a very polite way.
-Good evening young man, I said in a careless way taking a bank note from my pocket because I thought he was a beggar regarding his clothing. I used to meet some on the street so I handed him the bank note but to my surprise, the young man said:
-No sir, it’s not your money that I need now, nevertheless, I need your help.
Intrigued by his behavior and his language proficiency, I stopped and turned to him, interested.
What can I do for you then young man? I said in a very hilarious way since I was not that older than him. Besides, I remember to have giggled.
After fifteen minutes of conversation with Emerson, I realized that he was a brilliant mind who needed a hand to pursue his college education. We went for dinner that night because I was eager to know more about him.
Well, he told me his story and at the end, I could understand that he’s been fighting to pursue his college education for very long. After the tragic death of his parents during a car crash, no relative would help him. They wanted him to abandon school and go for apprenticeship although he was a young high school graduate with goals that did not have anything to do with what they wanted him to embrace. Emerson was a dreamer, he had very big dreams which he refused to give up on.
In a nutshell, Emerson became my brother and I helped him to make his dream come true. He learned trading skills from me and showed a lot of interest in the field. He was also good at writing fiction works because he wanted to be a bestseller author and CEO of big companies. He worked hard and was a very smart learner. I was impressed and happy. He was the brother I had ever wanted.
Years later, my firm faced a terrible bankruptcy and I lost almost everything. Emerson was then living in Dubai where he was the chief executive of a trading consortium. The most surprising part of the events was that I didn’t tell him my company went bankrupt but he knew. He kept an eye on me the same way I would. I would check on him at most every two months. That was the deal. We used to call it brotherhood contract.
One evening, when I was about to spend another sleepless night, I had a phone call. It was Emerson, he wanted me to join him in Dubai and had already booked the flight ticket. He didn’t give me a chance to say no. Emerson knew that I was the kind of person who has difficulties to accept help although I always feel great when I help others.
Well, I am not giving you details but right now I am working as an associate in one of Emerson’s seven companies. ‘’your experience and good heart are needed here’’ he said when we met at the airport. That young man saved my life. I don’t know what would have become of my existence otherwise.
Today, I am grateful to God the Universe and to my brother; happy to have listened to him that evening. I live a blessed life with the certainty that we rise by lifting others. Details about our story make me cry sometimes. We’ve been a long way, trust me. I hope you help someone whenever you have the chance. They don’t have to be your relatives in the first place. And remember that family is not about blood. The bond you create with some people will always be what matters the most.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes