He sat by the ocean and started writing a book about the world. He began a prologue as he wrote about the rude art of not giving a fuck. For He’s spent a major part of his earthly life fighting the looks of so many a people who in vain had required of him a typical human life by the rules.

He reminisced crazy moments when he had to make unpopular choices and calls. Of course he had always been okay with that. He grinned. But those who had sided with him had been called names and had found it difficult over time to live as a relative to a being as he was.

He went on writing lines about silence. Ever since he was a child he had Always promised himself to write something about silence. The things nobody wants to talk about. What they see but pretend not to see or understand. He wrote about the pain and the sorrow the world goes through on a daily basis.

He paused and thought, but what if we could reshape the world? Is there anyway way to go back where where humanity has begun in the first place? And if we could study the chronology, mayhaps we would find where it all went wrong and if the universe granted the wish, we would try our very best to patch up the world.

He sighed and displayed a painful smile at his own thoughts. He was a bohemian who came from elsewhere on a mission he must complete at any cost. He had spent years observing different ways of life and thought patterns amongst human beings. Of all the creatures he had met, human kind had revealed themselves as the most diverse species in all the dimensions.

Perhaps that was the absolute reason behind his life of apprentice to the Universe. He had never been told why he was to be sent on a mission and whenever he had tried to step away from the mission, there had always been a force to drag him back as though his life had always been bound to the mission.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes