Human kind has turned itself into the worst species to have ever existed on the surface of the globe. Still, they put the blame on the devil for everything that their own kind is responsible for. Oh, there is a common excuse, ‘’the devil is using me’’.

For everything that happens, they believe it’s the will of God. Spare me your bullshit, God is not at home. Take responsibility for your own actions. Be bold enough to do that if you ever wish to improve and uplevel.

Human kind is sadly the only species that kills their own brothers in the name of God. I often wonder, are we better than other animals? Because if the answer is yes, how possibly can we do the cruel things that we do everyday?

Instead of the message that is love, love that we need to embody and feel everywhere, love that we have the responsibility to show to everyone around us, we are so busy arguing over who is the right messenger. To what end?

Free will doesn’t always seem to be the right thing to human kind because too often, we just don’t make the right calls.

We deserve a better world and it’s our responsibility to create it. We cannot expect God to come around and do these things for us. We cannot keep doing the bad things that we do and expect to be considered better or advanced species than animals.

We’ve sadly turned to be the worst species on planet earth. And the worst part of it all is that God is no more at home.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes