You and I form a constellation among the stars. The way we feel about each other, I love to believe that it has been possible only because we belong to a very different dimension from the common earth.

Before I met you, I’ve never thought I could love someone the same way I love myself. God knows I truly love myself. And then here you are, helping me improve my perspective of life and what truly matters.
I’ve been through downs and you’ve stood by me and lifted me up.

They said growth is painful but you made it worth and with your mere smile you knew how to alleviate the pain. Even when I was a dumb ass, you still believed in me although you were in pain and angry.

Time has made me realize that even though those moments were of pain, they were necessary all the same for our growth. We couldn’t have reached this actual state of beautiful utopia without having transcended those common beliefs of what a relationship could be and how love can easily fade away.

It is crystal clear that we are no usual lovers and the mere idea of growing old and happy with you is what renders some life issues more tolerable. Because by your side, I can see the sparkle in every darkness. It’s you the sparkle that illuminates my lonely life of crazy dreamer.

I’ve gotten no idea of how tomorrow will unfold but as long as you stand by me, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. I write this ode in memory of what we’ve been through and to express my deepest desire for the future even though I don’t know what it may hold.

I promise to stand by you as we learn and grow together as One. Because we are a team, I promise to tend to your heart and your whole self as long as we live and to stand by you in every situation.

This is how I show my deepest gratitude to God the Universe for having brought us this far on the journey. For, I have been taught that there’s always something new to learn and to do so, we must keep our heart soft and our mind open because no one is knowledgeable enough not to learn something new.

These are words I wish I could tell you if we were still together because I never thought we would part that soon. It’s been almost a year and yet, here I stand reminiscing about the past. They said love is of pain, there’s nothing truer. Now that you’ve shut the door, the key’s become heavier.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

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