Are you gonna give it all up and walk away like a coward? Give it all up once again like you did last year? Like you did the year before? Are you gonna keep doing the same things and expect a miracle? A change? Are you gonna keep the same bad companions and expect someone to teach you how to hold on to your dreams?

Are you still gonna hang out with people with no clear purpose and expect to be motivated? So what? Are you gonna stay in your corner, not doing anything extraordinary and expect your life to be extraordinary and a model? No! No! You got to ask yourself one question. Who are you playing? No, tell me, who the hell are you playing? Too though? That’s exactly what you need right now.

One other thing, you keep making the list of things you don’t have. What about what you already have? Are you grateful for that? For the things you have? How would you dare to expect more when you show no ounce of gratitude? Oh, it’s granted, right? No need to show gratitude I guess. That’s the selfish and silly life most of us are living rooms that now.

People often ask me, what do you do for a living? But Nobody asks, are you fighting for your dreams? Are you happy? Questions people should be asking.
There are so many things that you should do to live the extraordinary life that you are meant to live.

Still, you are here, complaining, living up to people’s expectations, not caring about what your dream is, if you ever have one.

But I have a question. Just a question.
Are you doing what you are supposed to do? For real?

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter