They didn’t plan us, they didn’t know there would be bugs in the system, they didn’t expect us to be the bugs.

The matrix was created in a way to keep the human spirit asleep and under control. They wanted to be the ones to rule the minds of every human on the surface of the earth.

It worked for a long time until the awakening of the crackpots, the misfits, the rebels, those of us who see things from a different perspective, my kind.

The rise of the new tribute of enlightened remains a troublesome equation to those who lead the matrix.

We are not saints and do not pretend to be any better than others. We are the risk takers, those who dare to question the system in order to understand, to analyze and see things for different perspectives.

Of course we are not the favorites of the system and we are not even eager to embrace that. We just need to understand, to know, to dive deeper.

We are not afraid of the dark, we know it has to be embraced for the light to be. We vibe positive and hurl off light. You may not know much about us but we do exist, we live and work. We work in the shadow to serve the light.

They often call us the weirdos, the monsters, the troublemakers or so many other names.
They know we are a menace to the bulb of ignorance that they have created around you to keep you inside of the box.

They wish to get rid of us but they know the universe has our back and it drives them more and more insane so they make you believe that we are the renegades.

We can help, we want to help, that’s why we are here but you gonna have to step out of the matrix.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, the Apprentice.

Photo Credit: Internet