O Holier-than-thou!
There you stand lecturing me.
Cause in you, the Christ dwells, you believe.
Yet, thou showest me no love.

How can I ever believe?
In your vain words sir the priest,
If this teaches me no love and tolerance?

O Holier-than-thou!
Remember, love is the root of all creation.

O Holier-than-thou!
In the name of the Jihad you shout,
While slaughtering innocent people.
Although Allah never taught violence.
What makes you think you are doing the right thing?
Have you ever been to the Promised Land?

Say it! Mean it! Assume it!
You’re as lost as any other pagan!
For, God is love.
And to know him,
Thou must show love.

O Holier-than-thou!
You show me no lead to follow
So I walk away all alone,
Looking for love and tolerance.
‘Cause I believe this to be the truest religion.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, As We Walk Through Life, Poetry Volume

Photo Credit: Pinterest