When he first created earth as part of the universe, God wanted every human being to be happy. He thought, if I can create a world of several billions of humans who are all happy, maybe I could feed of their happiness, perhaps this could help me and make me happier than ever before. That’s how he created a species that looks pretty much like himself.

He called them ‘’Human Beings’’. In the beginning, they were happy and were in one accord with the universe. Everything was as God Wished. There was peace and unity among his most beautiful creatures.

God was happy even though some heaven creatures didn’t totally agree with his call. They would say to him, ‘’you shouldn’t have granted these creatures Free Will’’.

As time goes by, most human beings have forgotten what true happiness really means. Most of them have come up with the idea that happiness is such a fantasy that only exists in dreams. They have forgotten the core values upon which they were created in the first place.

God could no more stand it. But because he so much loves humanity, he tried to help them find their ways back, he sent light workers and angels to show humans that life is not worth a living without happiness.

Unfortunately, God’s creatures have found another way of life, violence. They killed and persecuted most of the messengers sent by their creator.
You may think that this is a figment of my imagination but I think you should give it a thought.

Nowadays, violence, intolerance, greed, hatred, and other bad behaviors have replaced the core values that once made the world a dream home for any species.
Nowadays, not a day dies without a person dying as a result of an act of violence around the world.

And you wonder why God left earth?
Now you too know, why God left earth.
The earth is now a place that humans are so excited about destroying.
They have almost lost their humanity. Very few still own it.

Will God ever come back to this planet?
Maybe he is busy recreating a better version of our species on another planet.
We are going extinct, aren’t we?

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

Photo Credit: Queen J.