When I was sent to school,
My teacher would give pages of lessons,
Things I need and those I don’t give a damn about.
My teachers never knew what mattered to me or not.
How could they know?
They never asked what my dream was.
They taught me things without ever asking why.
They would say, we are preparing you for the future.
What future, I may ask.
What future? You tell me, dear teachers!
You never asked, you never cared.
Still you taught me things.
You were doing your jobs. What you were paid for.
Giving lessons and assessing during exams.
What’s my dream dear teachers?
Does it matter to you?
On what basis are you teaching things?
How would you know what I really need if you never asked what my dream is?
I too have a dream, dear teacher.
I too have a dream and it matters.
Take a shot dears teachers, Listen to your students’ dreams.
The curriculum won’t fly away.
Besides, what is it made of? An overview of students’ possible needs I guess.
Well, every student is special remember.
Break and give me a chance to explain.
Only then will you know enough about me and guide me.
Or don’t you believe that I too deserve a personal approach?
J’aurais voulu qu’un enseignant me demande, c’est quoi ton rêve, mon garçon ?
Qu’il demande à ma sœur, C’est quoi ton rêve, ma fille ?
Cela ferait toute la différence.
This would make all the difference.
This would make all the difference.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Self a Universe, Poetry Volume

Photo Credit: DaHomie