What does love mean to you, they said…

They said when a poet falls in love with a girl she becomes an immortal. I guess they were talking about you. Well, truth to be told, I’ve always had the feeling that it is your love that made me an immortal, at least the human part of me.

Of course I’ve met incredible and adorable girls in my young human life and the other one and I am grateful for the experience and what each of them has brought to my life. But whenever I am asked what love truly means with no string attached, it’s you I think of, the girl who survived the neg-hit.

I’m learning that when you truly love a person, time and space don’t matter and even though it’s been years, I still cherish the idea that you’re my ideal girl and even if we never get the chance to embrace the perfect life I love to dream of inside of my head, a part of my heart will for ever remain yours.

I know it sounds crazy but everything brings me back to you, everytime, to the girl I didn’t stand a chance with back to the time. We were irresolute we love to say but I knew I had nothing to offer but my truest love. And even today I wake up from time to time and wonder, what would your life be with her?

I was just the Brainiac but not only were you a Brainiac but you were also a lovely Queen and you belonged to a society I had no access to. I couldn’t take you to a date, I couldn’t afford that, I couldn’t show any kind of popular romance, and yet, you gave me my real first kiss. You kissed the boy from the street, no string attached, the nerd who had nothing to offer, the lonely boy, your Dan Humphrey, you loved to call me that, remember?

You gave me a memory I very much cherish and even if going to a basketball game together may not be defined as a regular date, at least where I come from, the core of the universe, it stands and it’s all that matters. Loving you taught me couple of things about life and I am truly grateful for that.

Wherever you are, whatever your life is, whoever you may be involved with, I want you to live as happily as possible, Embrace life as if there was no tomorrow, and above all, be happy forever after. They say love means a whole lot of things, I say love means You. And I know if you read this, You’ll know.

When a poet falls in love with a girl, she becomes an immortal.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

Photo Credit: Internet