Very often, when people turn forty without having achieved their goals, they are convinced that they are a failure because this is what the society they belong to has made them all believe. This is not true. It’s not.

Look, yesterday is a race that you cannot win, a ghost that you cannot haunt or chase. Don’t let it set you up. Very often, we are so focused on the things that were that we forget to focus on the things that are. And those that will probably come.

We usually don’t understand that all the things that belong to the past cannot be. We do not realize that while we are so focus on trying to no avail to change the past, we miss out the present moment.

Of course you missed those moments and that’s a fact. But they must not define you and your goals. If there are things that you truly cherish, you can always go back to them regardless of how old you possibly are.

Mayhaps you’ve failed in couple of endeavors but you cannot let them define you. You have dreams and goals that need to be fed. At forty, you can still go to your dreams and turn them into your reality. It’s never been about how old you are.

Your dream is your responsibility. You cannot let it die because you feel too old. You don’t have to stick to the old scheme. Reshape it, redirect it if needs be but just don’t let it die. You cannot be a professional soccer player anymore because you’re too old, be a coach, if you can, own a team, be part of the organization of a league or anything else close to that. You see what I mean right? Just don’t let it die.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

Photo Credit: DaHomie