There was that woman
Who was so dear to my friends,
They called her meemaw.
She was so loving and caring.

One of my friends once told me:
Being raised by meemaw was
The most awesome thing that
Happened to me during my childhood.

Another one would say:
Whenever she visited,
Meemaw always brought
The best presents ever.

I overheard a young girl in my neighborhood
With a cute smile on her beautiful face saying:
Meemaw was the bestfriend I ever had
When I was still a child.

If I had a meemaw,
I would listen to her folktales
Around midnight fire.
I would let her be part of my life.

If I had a meemaw,
I would love her very much.
My parents had two mothers
But none was a meemaw.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Lyrics of Revival, Poetry Volume

Photo Credit: Pinterest