If the world must end
And all of us must die
Let’s stand tall as
Everything collapses.
And if we must die,
We will go on a journey
Ready and thrilled
For, no death is worth a trouble,
No pandemic worth our sadness
If on the edge we must run.

If the world must end
‘Cause too smart human kind is
To create arms that they cannot always control,
Let’s die proud ‘cause we made it,
Destroying a whole creation
The most beautiful species we’ve ever known
Along with all the others around
For, a brain we were granted,
Too smart to keep us safe.

If the world must end
With all of us dead
‘Cause we’ve turned the world
Into a creepy zombiland,
Let’s die with a smile
As our souls chuckle
For, it’s been a wonderful adventure
Even though the end sucks
‘Cause shortened for greed and evil sake.

If the world must end
Let it be for our kind to reunite
Let it be for the end of wars
Let it be for humanity to rise again
As one and strong species against all odds
Let it be for a new creation to arise!

March 30, 2020
At the core of Covid19 Crisis.
If you ever read this in a Poetry Volume, we’ve survived.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Growing Strange, Poetry Volume

Photo Credit Pinterest