In these moments of trouble and pain
When death seems to be a relief
While nobody wants to pass away
I witness the cruelty of human kind.

Things I used to read in history books
Are now my share as around me
Thousands of people die of a pandemic
Humankind has created even though
No one seems to bear the responsibility.

I lie down desolate as a prisoner
Of a confinement protocol
As I raise my eyes to heaven for a prayer
If there God still dwells.
‘Cause even science finds it difficult to save us.

If an ounce of humanity we still have
As everybody for once struggles for survival
Let’s unite strong and faithful
As to the universe, the master Energy we pray
To carry this terrifying pandemic away
‘Cause we seem to have lost control.

March 30, 2020
At the core of Covid19 Crisis.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Growing Strange, Poetry Volume.

Photo Credit: Pinterest