The World is growing more and more digital. cliché right? well, perspective I say. New technologies have given us most of the things that we’ve ever wanted and at the same time, they have been taking away from us the very things that make us really human.

More and more people are growing addicted to social medias and the information they are feeding to a point that human beings are losing some core values that bring us together. Of course most people will argue that communication has become easier for the past few years. But what kind of communication is it if I may ask?

It’s become a lot easier nowadays to chat with people we barely know and who live very far from us than to have a real life conversation face to face with our loved ones, those people who happen to live in the same house or room with us. That’s the new trend!

Another tragedy is the very fact that it’s a lot easier to make photographs of other people’s lives and misfortunes instead of building and living our own lives. All these thanks to social medias and more and more people are growing very addicted to it.

It’s no secret that mere strangers know more about our children’s lives than we do as parents and this simply because in a given way strangers happen to listen online while parents are also busy in their worlds instead of making time to have face to face conversations with their children.

We may not realize it yet but these are some of the reasons those kids are more attached to strangers online way more than they are to their own parents. Tragic right? But nobody seems to care. Most parents pretend to be busy earning a living and do not think of how crucial it is to learn to communicate with their children. 

One more aspect of this ongoing situation is how less most people care about their E-reputation. They don’t think it matters a lot to care about what information we feed the Internet and what it says about us in a general way.

Of course there is no light of a doubt that new technologies have made life a lot easier and social medias have helped in a tremendous way yet they stand as a danger if we don’t know what use to make of them.

Over the last few years, I have seen a lot of people lose their self-confidence and self-love by comparing their lives to those of some other social media users ignoring how fake those lives are.

The worst part of it all is people committing suicide and throwing away their lives because of their addiction to social medias. And if you ask me, The danger is still ahead. This is nothing compared to what is coming.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter

Mille Vies Dans Une Caboche

Genesis of So Long a Life

Photo Credit: Pinterest