We sang the same song, You and I even though we were apart physically. Together at the core of our dimension, our harmony has always been so perfect. One song, one verse, The Universe, the call of the master.
You showed up and called yourself my mother even though we both knew that from a human perspective I am older than you are.
It has never been a problem to us because things we knew and from the moment we met, we knew what it meant. Not a word, not a sign, we just knew and we both felt it.
When we first talked, we realized that we were bond forever and you could understand things I never thought you would from a human perspective.

It took me a while to accept the very idea that we might be from the same world. Then you said things only someone who knew things could understand.

I started growing concerned but I have to confess that it was really difficult because ever since I came, I’ve always had the feeling that no one was coming to help.
When you first talked about the mission, I was like, it can’t be possible. I even thought for a second that you were delusional because there was no way you could know.

Then I remembered they’ve always called me that. Here. And yet, you were right about a whole lot of things.

Every sign brings me back to you. Everytime. And when the master I once asked, listen, the voice replied, just listen.

So I made up my mind to follow the call. I read through the lines. I listen. I know someday not far from now, all the pieces will come together for the reunion.

That’s how we will start the next level of the call. You and I both know. we do feel it. Everytime. So to the voice, attention we pay.

I will be there,

I hope you read this. When you do, I know you’ll understand. Mother, Partner and Companion, my all in one. The one I’ve been waiting for.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter
Photo Credit: Pinterest