If you read this story, it means that I overcame the darkness inside of me and made my way through this hell.
After the accident that cost my parents and brother their lives, I found myself all alone in a world where no one seems to care. A world totally alien to me. In the beginning, I was lucky. Though I had to face the death of my beloved ones, they was still someone who would try hard to bring joy to my face.

Helen, my girlfriend was the most adorable girl I’ve ever met.
Being an introverted doesn’t always help I must say. Especially when it comes to close relatives. Helen knew I was an introverted, a youth who would spend hours locked up without saying a word to the world around him. Still, she saw the sparkle twinkling inside my heart and decided to feed it. She loved me for who I was. Who I am.

The very day I lost my parents, I was in my room, busy reading old books I found in the deserted library of my city. I still remember my old man calling on me and asking me to join the family for dinner downtown.

I knew it was a special night. My parents were celebrating their fifteenth year of marriage. They wanted to spend the night with us for once.

That was the very first time they wanted to be with us to celebrate this moment. So tempting. But I wouldn’t care. I loved my parents though. I was too busy with my loneliness so I declined the offer.

Later that night, there was a knock on the door. I went to see and there they stood, two police officers telling me I lost both my parents and my younger brother, Maccall.

I was totally lost. I couldn’t say a word. I had just turned nineteen a month earlier. And those two officers were telling me that my parents had a car crash on their way home. How possible? I lost my entire family in one single night.

Few months after the burial, hell was upon me. I lost my parents’ house and I couldn’t afford my college tuition anymore. I was not really used to the outside world and when I tried to get a job, It seemed nobody wanted to deal with me.

I stopped seeing Helen even when she tried her very best to help me. I started having dark thoughts of suicide. I was on the brink of Chaos when I realized one single thing.

My parents had a vision. They loved to help people and even though I was the introverted that very few had the chance to interact with, being alive was my only chance to do right by them. I could fight odds
and do something they would be proud of.

Of course I still have dark thoughts but things have started to get better and I’ve been trying to get my life back together. It’s not easy to hold on to life when you’ve lost almost everybody you’ve ever cared about. I just don’t wanna meet my folks on the other side after a suicide.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

Photo Credit DaHomie